Business Cards

Awesome Design Ideas To Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

Get Custom Created Business Cards that People will Remember

The art of creating business cards has developed extensively over the past couple of decades. This is in large part due to the new types of technology available for printing. A professional printing agency such as Jukebox, now has the ability to custom create cards so they reflect the type of business they are used for.

This allows a business card to be a more memorable form of advertising. It also makes it a great item to give out at promotional events. The wide range of choices people have for their business cards makes them able to obtain cards that are informative, engaging and unique.

New Shapes for Business Cards

When it comes to making a business card memorable, nothing works as well as enhanced features. A professional printing agency could create business cards in shapes that help make them more distinguishable.

These types of cards are no longer limited to the standard rectangular shape, which means they could have images that extend beyond the traditional borders of the card. A real estate agent could have a picture of a house with the top and side of it cut along the border so that it stands out like a 3D image.

Enhanced Elements

In addition to changing the shape of the card itself, there are other features that could be used to enhance its visual appearance. Many of these enhanced features are found in the material used as the cardstock itself. Paper products used to create business cards are now available with fo il or metallic surfaces.

They could also have a sur face layer enhanced with sparkles or one that reflects light like a holo gram. The cardstock could also be made of a variety of unique materials including bamboo, cotton, wood and recycled paper. All of these features help create distinctive business cards that will be remembered as unique.