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Awesome Design Ideas To Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

Benefits of Having Professional Business Cards



Should I Purchase Professional Business Cards?

You may be back and forth trying to decide if you want to save a few dollars by throwing together your own business cards or if you should pay the few extra dollars to purchase professional business cards. Making these types of decisions is something that you can expect as a business owner. You need to make sure that your business is saving on costs as well as making sure your business is reaching the right audience. You can most certainly throw together your own business cards. The perk to throwing together your own business card is that you will save a few bucks. However, purchacing professional business cards has many benefits that certainly outweigh saving a few dollars.


The Benefits of Having Professional Business Cards

Professional business cards are created by a person who specializes in creating a card that has the appearance that suits the business that you are wanting the cards designed for. Professional business cards are a way for you to market yourself and to say who you are and what you do all on one tiny card. Yes you can make your own business cards, however, you are chancing not getting the message out to your customers that you are intending to. Having professional business cards can be the tool that markets your business with a professional look and feel customized just for you. Professional business cards will allow you to stand out in the crowd and set you apart from all the other businesses in your niche. Your professional business cards will show people who you are and what you do and what makes you different from the rest just as your appearance and words would do for you at a job interview. If you are wanting to market yourself and reach out to the correct audience then you will be sure to benefit from having professional business cards.



Custom Printed Business Cards


Get Custom Printed Business Cards So You Can Appear More Professional

There are a lot of places where you can get business cards, but you should get them from somewhere that allows you to customize them. You will want the business cards to reflect your own style, and you will want them to have all of your information on them. They should be easy to read, and they should be memorable enough that those you hand them out to will not forget that they have them when they need to use your services.


Get Custom Printed Business Cards To Look Impressive

When you need business cards, you should make sure to get them custom printed so that they will look impressive and give people the message that you want. You will want everyone who you give a business card to, to know that you can help them in the way that you can. You want them to trust you, and when you have great looking business cards, they will trust all that you can do for them.


Get Custom Business Cards And Have Fun While Making Them

It can be a lot of fun to put the business cards together, and while you should make sure that they have everything on them that you need, you should also make sure that you don't take it too seriously when you are making them. Let yourself have some fun as you think about colors and what to use for the cards. Consider fonts in various styles and what will work best for them. And, pick a nice picture of yourself if that is appropriate for the card. Make it as customized to your specific needs as possible and you will have fun while you do that. And, once you see the finished business card, you will feel excited to start giving them away.



Working on Designs for Business Cards


Working on Designs for Business Cards

The decisions that you make in life are many. Each person has to make a number of different decisions as they go about their day and their life. You have to decide what to eat, how to handle your work, and how to design business cards that are going to draw attention. When a business card features a special design, it will get people to notice it. When people notice your card, they will know what services you offer and they will think about letting you meet their needs. Every business card should be designed with care and made to be special.


Work Carefully on the Overall Look that You Want for Your Business Cards:

When you are trying to create business cards, you want to take a good amount of time to think about the design that you want them to have. If you are part of a business that has a logo, you want that logo to be part of the design that you create. If you have a title, you have to figure out where you want that to be included on your cards.


Choose to Work with Those Who Will Create Your Business Cards Just as You Want Them to Be:

Just as you need to work on creating a special design for your cards, you have to make sure that those who are printing the cards for you will take that design and put it to use. You must find those who will work on your card design with your ideas in mind.


Create Special Business Cards that Will Set You Apart:

If you create perfect business cards, you will be able to use those to stand apart from the competition.



Get Custom Created Business Cards that People will Remember

The art of creating business cards has developed extensively over the past couple of decades. This is in large part due to the new types of technology available for printing. A professional printing agency such as Jukebox, now has the ability to custom create cards so they reflect the type of business they are used for.

This allows a business card to be a more memorable form of advertising. It also makes it a great item to give out at promotional events. The wide range of choices people have for their business cards makes them able to obtain cards that are informative, engaging and unique.

New Shapes for Business Cards

When it comes to making a business card memorable, nothing works as well as enhanced features. A professional printing agency could create business cards in shapes that help make them more distinguishable.

These types of cards are no longer limited to the standard rectangular shape, which means they could have images that extend beyond the traditional borders of the card. A real estate agent could have a picture of a house with the top and side of it cut along the border so that it stands out like a 3D image.

Enhanced Elements

In addition to changing the shape of the card itself, there are other features that could be used to enhance its visual appearance. Many of these enhanced features are found in the material used as the cardstock itself. Paper products used to create business cards are now available with fo il or metallic surfaces.

They could also have a sur face layer enhanced with sparkles or one that reflects light like a holo gram. The cardstock could also be made of a variety of unique materials including bamboo, cotton, wood and recycled paper. All of these features help create distinctive business cards that will be remembered as unique.


Get more Memorable Business Card Designs with a Professional Printing Agency



Business cards have come a long way since people first began using them to market themselves or their company. The traditional one-card-fits-all concept of the past has been replaced with an unlimited potential for design. Professional printing agencies such as Jukebox, can create cards that make a lasting impact on the people who view them. Today's business cards are more than just pieces of information about what an individual or company has to offer, they are advertising tools. For this reason, a business card needs to stand apart from its competition.

Eye-Catching Designs

There are a number of ways to make a business card stand out. Using eye-catching designs helps a card to make a lasting impression. This could be accomplished through the use of color images and unique fonts. A business card's design could also reflect the type of industry it is associated with. A card shaped in the form of a movie ticket with its information printed to match a movie ticket format, could be the ideal way to promote any company associated with movies, film or theater. A visit to a site such as Jukebox, could provide people with an array of eye-catching design ideas they would not have thought of on their own.

Engaging the Senses

Another way to make a business card memorable is to use materials that engage the senses. In addition to making unique visuals for the design, the material used for the card could also create a unique finish. A professional printing service could offer more materials for printing than just the standard cardstock. This type of agency could create embossed or letterpress cards with a unique type of texture. They could also have cards with enhanced graphics or high gloss finishes as well as business cards made of wood, cork or recycled paper.