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Awesome Design Ideas To Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

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Business cards have come a long way since people first began using them to market themselves or their company. The traditional one-card-fits-all concept of the past has been replaced with an unlimited potential for design. Professional printing agencies such as Jukebox, can create cards that make a lasting impact on the people who view them. Today's business cards are more than just pieces of information about what an individual or company has to offer, they are advertising tools. For this reason, a business card needs to stand apart from its competition.

Eye-Catching Designs

There are a number of ways to make a business card stand out. Using eye-catching designs helps a card to make a lasting impression. This could be accomplished through the use of color images and unique fonts. A business card's design could also reflect the type of industry it is associated with. A card shaped in the form of a movie ticket with its information printed to match a movie ticket format, could be the ideal way to promote any company associated with movies, film or theater. A visit to a site such as Jukebox, could provide people with an array of eye-catching design ideas they would not have thought of on their own.

Engaging the Senses

Another way to make a business card memorable is to use materials that engage the senses. In addition to making unique visuals for the design, the material used for the card could also create a unique finish. A professional printing service could offer more materials for printing than just the standard cardstock. This type of agency could create embossed or letterpress cards with a unique type of texture. They could also have cards with enhanced graphics or high gloss finishes as well as business cards made of wood, cork or recycled paper.

What Makes a Business Card Stand Out?


When looking for business cards, there are a lot of different aspects that you will want to make sure that you keep an eye on and others that really are just a waste of time. Things that often get a person messed up is the fact that they go out and put too much thought into the cards.

While your business cards need to have a certain look and feel to them, the big point is to get your business name out there. You should look at the way that your card will be perceived, but you also do not want to put all of your thought into this.

You need something that will get the attention of the person you are handing the card to and yet don’t let them get caught up in the details of your card that they overlook your name, address, phone number and business name.

The card should have a strong weight to it. This means that the card should not be easily bendable and should have a little girth to it. Many people try and save money by cheaping out on this detail and yet it manages to really bite them in the arm for it. Pay the extra and make sure that the cardstock that they are using has some sub stance to it.

There are a lot of places online that you can buy these from and they will offer you a really affordable price for your first 250 or 500 card order.

This is going to mean that you will have basic features, and yet you will still have a card to give a potential client and hopefully, it will be a card that has enough that it will grab their attention on a regular basis. Now that you know this, you can go out there and get your set of business cards.